Thursday, 15 November 2012

Getting Invovled In A Campaign

Hey guys


Me and a couple of mates have been planning on doing a campaign at my house for a few months now and we finally made it into 2 options 'Badab War' and 'Horus Heresy'
We would all love to do the Horus Heresy properly, go everything forgeworld, make the characters out of the books, use the full rules, but unfortunately  FW has only produced 4 legions so far, and 3 of us don't want legions out of that book (i want the iron hands, raven guard or ultramarines) and would like other battle, such as calth and istvaan 5

So we decided to give FW some time to bring some of the other books out and go with Badab

I already have a astral claws army, a small lamenters army which i need to finish painting and are in the process of making a red scorpions army then company, so that 2 of them covered and my mate was going to start a Minotaurs army, so there is defiantly have a good starting point and interest for it

I personally see it as a good time to add on to my astral claws, and what better chance do i have to start collecting the tyrant personal militia (with punisher cannon vultures :D )

We haven't set up the sides, or found out who else wants to join in, but as the way it looks so far, im defiantly going to be at the head of the secessesionists

So ill be using this as a work in progress for whichever army i end up with and also my red scorpions

Thanks for reading and if any of you guys have ran this campaign before and could give me pointers, please feel free to get in touch


Monday, 12 November 2012

Review: Dark Vengeance

Dark Vengeance by CZ Dunn

My opinion is that CZ Dunn was given a poor book to write and work on.
Trying to write about eleven different characters is hard, but even harder when you consider its only 126 pages long

Each section is written from the point of view of one of the characters, it keeps going back to each one fortunately  cause when a new character is brought in, it explains some of the back story about them, and some of them are just too far-fetched for my liking
Unfortunately, each section is split between 3-10 pages, the lower number being the more recurring one

Once you get your head round that fact, its not too bad of a story, tho the background for the chaos space marines is a bit of a let down, how they go about doing things is also a bit of a let down, but ill let you read that and decide for yourself

The book ended as it did so he didn't need to write another one explaining more about these characters cause he basically uses the psyker to sum it all up for you

My personal belief is that it would have made a better audio drama rather than a novel
so im going to give it a 5/10 (7/10 if it was an audio drama)

Thanks for taking the time to read this short review, i didn't really have much to say about it without really spoiling it for you, please feel free to leave your comments below

Also my next book is going to be 'Wrath of iron by Chris Wraight'

Thanks again

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

First book 'Dark Vengance' by C Z Dunn

Right im going to be doing some book reviews, mainly for black library books, but i will occasionally do others, and ill tell you were they are from.
so the first book is going to be 'Dark Vengeance' C Z Dunn
so ill try and get it read in the next couple of days and ill let you know what i think of it :)

A Little Thank You

Right im thanking the guys @fantasticgam3s @MatthewDavies22 @NeilChallis @richards2507 for your help trying to name this blog
and @KingCrowGoblins for his cheeky effort :)
thanks guys