Friday, 17 January 2014

First List, 30k Iron Warriors

This is a list which I'm going to work on and paint through out the year, I've decided (finally, only took me 12+ months xD) to do Iron Warriors.

I've always loved the Iron Warriors, they are cold, calculated, and malicious. None of them would have a problem killing another for there own personal gain, I don't think they could ever be classed as chaos worshipers, they don't really have the portential for relegious belief, they just happened to have been roped into the wrong side of the heresy thanks to jealousy and the desperate need for revenge.

As for the army, I'm thinking it's going to be heresy era, as for the side, I haven't fully decided, I like the idea of them being a seperate expedition which was alone in there own campaign during the start of the heresy, but that limits my options, but I'll decide as I go
I kind of went OTT on the list, as I said it was going to be 1000pts, but I've managed 1200pts but I'll aim for the slightly higher :)

I will be using the list the is in the forgeworld Horus Heresy book 1: Betrayal.
So the list goes as follows:


Praetor (180)
-Master Crafted Thunder Hammer
-Iron Halo
-Digital Laser


10 Legion Breacher Marines (285)
-2 Meltaguns
-Thunder Hammer
-Artificer Armour

20 Legion Tactical Marines (270)
-Artificer Armour
-Combi Weapon


Legion Apothecary (legion tactical) (60)
-Augury Scanner
-Combi Weapon

Legion Dreadnought (150)
-Twin Linked Lascannon
-2 Hunter Killer Missiles

Fast Attack

3 Legion Land Speeders (240)
-3 Multi-Meltas
-6 Hunter Killer Missiles

Total 1185pts

I'm missing 10 tactical, the breaching marines and the apothecary, so it will give me a reason to paint a smaller army before buying the rest of it

Hopefully I'll actually name my units, name my independent character and create some background for the army, maybe with some allies, cause I like the idea that if I go down the traitor route, I could go with some mechanicus and make the renegades :D because who doesn't love robots :D

Anyways, that's a huge read, so thanks for getting to the bottom, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to give me a shout :)


Thursday, 16 January 2014

2014, a new year

I'm a bit late with the new year blog post, but as they say, better late than never
2013 has been an interesting year, mainly cause of going to the states on a cross country bus ride for 5 weeks :) and getting a full time contract at my place of work :) but on the model front, it was very poor :(

So to try and help me I've made a few rules for myself that I'm going to try and follow :)

I'm going to try and use all my accounts, listed below, I'm going to try and use and update them on a regular basis, even if it's just once a week

2014 Modelling plans

Twitter (honsou92)
Flickr (Honsou92)
Instagram (Honsou92)
Warseer (Studio Dave)
Blogspot (Honsou's Soulforge)
Youtube (Honsou's Soulforge)

I am going to try and use the following hashtags so you will be able to keep an eye on me, and shout at me for not keeping up to date ;)


And here is the full list of actual plans for this year, I'm still undecided on 2 armies, but I've got a couple of things to work on til then :)

Plans for the year ;
•Paint a 1500pts 40k (Dark Eldar, Ultramarines, Steel legion, Renegades)
•Paint a 1000pts 30k (Iron Warriors)
•Paint a 2000pts fantasy (Dark Elves? High Elves? Chaos)
•Produce background for atleast one of the armies 
•Enter atleast 3 categories for golden deamon
•Enter some online painting competitions
•Consider attending atleast 1 tournament 
•Consider, army reviews, book reviews (both black library and codexes) and battle reports.

 Thanks for reading this update and hopefully I'll actually be able to manage it this year :D
If you want to see updates and I'm not doing it, feel free to pm me and give me a good push ;)