Friday, 25 April 2014

Warmachine tourney

Well, looks like I've agreed to something a little silly

I've went and agreed to playing in a warmachine tourney, without ever playing a game, and not owning more than a battlebox worth of models, and it's next Saturday xD

So this is going to be interesting, I've ordered a couple more models so that I'll be able to play up to 20pts because the points are just agreed between the pair of players

I'll try an do a battle report for each game with photos and more importantly try to have fun :D

Now let's see if I can get my retribution battlebox painted in a week and actually learn to play ;)

Cheers guys

Wargamers £5 challenge update

I didn't get it done :( so I'm going to put an offer out, if anybody is after them, I'll happily do a cheap commission for them models 
I'll do it in whatever scheme you want and what I'll donate half the painting cost to charity, I've got a few in mind, but if you can think of a better one, please feel free to say

I'm doing this mainly cause I have too much eldar as is, plus I'm not going to get round to painting them anytime soon :/

If no-one is up for it, I'm sure they will get a clean coat of yellow ;)

Cheers guys

Cheeky update Iron Warriors/Renegade Guard

I went to visit a friend yesterday, and the cheeky bugger said that I could have these on one condition, that I painted them as iron warriors. 

So, my renegade guard now have there own air division/ air support
With my Renegades getting bigger, it means that they are the most likely choice for an allies for my warriors, in addition to some dark mechanicum maybe ;)

As an update for my Iron Warriors, I have now got 20 mk4/6  made, 15 mk3 made, 10 mk4 assualt marines half made (just waiting for my arms coming, 1st of May, when my HH collection books arrive ;)  ), a contemptor dread unmade (fresh swap) not sure what to do with him, thinking double assualt cannon and missile launcher.
And various hero choices and 3 speeders, 1 made 2 unmade

Now all I need to do is get it all primed hopefully in the next few days

Cheers guys

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Iron Warriors (Update 1)

I've got a colour scheme nailed :D
It's pretty simple and quick to paint, I've got a 5 man unit and a hero, (going to be my praetor) painted up, I'll get some proper photos soon.

And doing a trade with someone recently and making a new friend he managed to supply me with a lot of heresy armour
So on the table to make (I deconstructed them ;)  ) and paint are:
9 Iron armour marine
10 mk4 marine
5 mk5
5 resin Corvus
And 5 plastic Corvus

The army is going to be set just prior to the incident at istvaan 3 so they are going to have some more of the modern armour and equiptment 
Hopefully for my next update, I'll have them made, if not basecoated aswell