Monday, 12 May 2014

A New Beginning

For some time be I've been planning on getting into other games, and unfortunately without any nearby shops that supply it and my attention span when I'm actually on the internet, I've never actually got round to getting any :/  
But with a model shop semi local to me opening and not supplying any GW at all and intending on supplying other games I think it's time I actually try :D

So this comes down to my plan:
I'd ideally love to start a few of the following games: 
-Flames of war
-Super Dungeon Explore

As I already have a small Flames German force and a medium size retribution force for warmachine which I obtained through some trades some time ago, I'll probably start with them 2

I'll try and read up on the rules, where to start and what to start with, get them painted up and try and get some starter games on the go, I've got some friends which have both games

After that I'll slowly add onto them and look at getting models for the other games apart from SDE, my dad managed to kickstart it, so that's a present when it arrives

Infinity and malifaux are high in my list to get as I always loved small skirmish games, they both remind me so much of necromunda and mordheim respectively, so as Ill slowly buy and paint models as I get them, (if I don't, none of them will ever get painted) I'll try and make some scenery aswell for them as I've been told both require a bit of scenery 

The first game I'm going to be trying is warmachine, as it's just boomed in interest at my local club again, and I've got a very good starting point for retribution all the way up to 30-40pts
So now all I need to do is select a nice paint scheme, I'm thinking of really spending my time when it come to them, as the force/armies appear to be small and it will be nice to actually look at on a table, I'm also thinking of doing some scenery for it, but not really sure on what, I'm going to do woodland, but buildings? Woodland or steampunk-ish but hey more talk of that later, this is just my plans :)

As for flames of war and the German, me and my dad got some models from the latest open fire box and got a few extra tanks with the intention of painting it up and playing, but when we tried, we discovered you need quite a bit of scenery and ours was all out of scale, so it kind of put a hold on that, I have been slowly buying some Hornby 1:76 scale WW2 era building which they produce, it's a little out of scale but they don't look too bad, so all we need to do now is make some fences, and some fields and kickstart our fire for fighting war across Europe.

So that's the plan so far, hopefully I can keep to it, my next post should hopefully be about one of the 2 armies I've got, the initial plans and where I'm at with it, thanks for taking the time to read this massive essay and hopefully I'll see you next time


Friday, 25 April 2014

Warmachine tourney

Well, looks like I've agreed to something a little silly

I've went and agreed to playing in a warmachine tourney, without ever playing a game, and not owning more than a battlebox worth of models, and it's next Saturday xD

So this is going to be interesting, I've ordered a couple more models so that I'll be able to play up to 20pts because the points are just agreed between the pair of players

I'll try an do a battle report for each game with photos and more importantly try to have fun :D

Now let's see if I can get my retribution battlebox painted in a week and actually learn to play ;)

Cheers guys

Wargamers £5 challenge update

I didn't get it done :( so I'm going to put an offer out, if anybody is after them, I'll happily do a cheap commission for them models 
I'll do it in whatever scheme you want and what I'll donate half the painting cost to charity, I've got a few in mind, but if you can think of a better one, please feel free to say

I'm doing this mainly cause I have too much eldar as is, plus I'm not going to get round to painting them anytime soon :/

If no-one is up for it, I'm sure they will get a clean coat of yellow ;)

Cheers guys

Cheeky update Iron Warriors/Renegade Guard

I went to visit a friend yesterday, and the cheeky bugger said that I could have these on one condition, that I painted them as iron warriors. 

So, my renegade guard now have there own air division/ air support
With my Renegades getting bigger, it means that they are the most likely choice for an allies for my warriors, in addition to some dark mechanicum maybe ;)

As an update for my Iron Warriors, I have now got 20 mk4/6  made, 15 mk3 made, 10 mk4 assualt marines half made (just waiting for my arms coming, 1st of May, when my HH collection books arrive ;)  ), a contemptor dread unmade (fresh swap) not sure what to do with him, thinking double assualt cannon and missile launcher.
And various hero choices and 3 speeders, 1 made 2 unmade

Now all I need to do is get it all primed hopefully in the next few days

Cheers guys

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Iron Warriors (Update 1)

I've got a colour scheme nailed :D
It's pretty simple and quick to paint, I've got a 5 man unit and a hero, (going to be my praetor) painted up, I'll get some proper photos soon.

And doing a trade with someone recently and making a new friend he managed to supply me with a lot of heresy armour
So on the table to make (I deconstructed them ;)  ) and paint are:
9 Iron armour marine
10 mk4 marine
5 mk5
5 resin Corvus
And 5 plastic Corvus

The army is going to be set just prior to the incident at istvaan 3 so they are going to have some more of the modern armour and equiptment 
Hopefully for my next update, I'll have them made, if not basecoated aswell

Monday, 3 March 2014

Battlefleet Gothic: Part 1

Battlefleet gothic, warhammer in space

Battlefleet gothic was one of games workshop's specialist games, it was specialist because it wasn't the game they were going to sell to a person that was new to warhammer, it was a game generally aimed at veterans who wanted to try something a little different.

The game revolves around spaceship combat, having my fleet take in yours in a violent, bloody and close game
The main difference between it and 40k were that you always had to move your models, regardless, so you really have to plan a few turns ahead.

I'm relatively new to the game itself, cause I used to own two fleets but I stupidly got rid of them and since then I've regretted doing it, so when I had the chance to start again, I jumped at it.

I've gone a little mad, swapping and buying at most chances I get, to the point of which, I now have 3 fleets, and are looking at converting my own tyranid fleet and dark eldar fleet (them jetbike make lovely cruisers where as the hellions make escorts :D) and considering buying some eldar.

I have always loved the background and every chance to help replicate it and expand it with my models, so BFG is going to be no exception, my imperial fleet is going to ally with my marines to become the personal battlefleet of lugft Huron 'Battlefleet Maelstrom'

As for my chaos, I haven't got that far, I was thinking a preheresy army, but the more I look into the ships, the more I realise that they aren't actually heresy era ships, so I'm thinking pink, purple, turquoise and black to match my girlfriends emperors children or red to be word bearers, because in the maelstrom some word bearers where hiding (sneaky sneaky).

So that's that to begging with, I'll try and get a list wrote up of what I've got, what I'm getting and what I'd really love and hopefully have my first game by then aswell

Cheers for reading, feel free to comment and hopefully you'll catch part 2 :D


WarGamers £5 challenge

Right guys,
I decided to join in with the wargamers £5 challenge (#wg5challenge if you want to search it one Facebook and Twitter)

The basic idea of the challenge is that you can only spend £5 on a new or pre owned model aslong as you prove that it was £5, paint it up, then re-sell it at the end of the month, no prizes, just bragging rights for the winner

So with that in mind I started to scour eBay, and after 5 days of searching, I found these bad boys :D

Really happy I got these for a couple of reasons, they are really nice models, eldar are quite a popular army, I've got eldar myself so I know what I'm letting myself in for model wise, and that it wasn't just one model, so I can get a little diorama/display piece going on if I have time to

Hopefully they will be with me Tuesday/Wednesday so I'll be ready to work on them Thursday after I strip them
I have a couple of ideas, I was thinking paint them to match my eldar and what's really popular now, Iyanden, go for a ancient seer council look and paint them as ulthwe or my last option, was to go for myrmera which is the really popular forgeworld, lots of green and turboise for those of you that don't know about them

So hopefully this will all go to plan and I'll keep you up to date 
Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, let me know what your thinking