Monday, 3 March 2014

Battlefleet Gothic: Part 1

Battlefleet gothic, warhammer in space

Battlefleet gothic was one of games workshop's specialist games, it was specialist because it wasn't the game they were going to sell to a person that was new to warhammer, it was a game generally aimed at veterans who wanted to try something a little different.

The game revolves around spaceship combat, having my fleet take in yours in a violent, bloody and close game
The main difference between it and 40k were that you always had to move your models, regardless, so you really have to plan a few turns ahead.

I'm relatively new to the game itself, cause I used to own two fleets but I stupidly got rid of them and since then I've regretted doing it, so when I had the chance to start again, I jumped at it.

I've gone a little mad, swapping and buying at most chances I get, to the point of which, I now have 3 fleets, and are looking at converting my own tyranid fleet and dark eldar fleet (them jetbike make lovely cruisers where as the hellions make escorts :D) and considering buying some eldar.

I have always loved the background and every chance to help replicate it and expand it with my models, so BFG is going to be no exception, my imperial fleet is going to ally with my marines to become the personal battlefleet of lugft Huron 'Battlefleet Maelstrom'

As for my chaos, I haven't got that far, I was thinking a preheresy army, but the more I look into the ships, the more I realise that they aren't actually heresy era ships, so I'm thinking pink, purple, turquoise and black to match my girlfriends emperors children or red to be word bearers, because in the maelstrom some word bearers where hiding (sneaky sneaky).

So that's that to begging with, I'll try and get a list wrote up of what I've got, what I'm getting and what I'd really love and hopefully have my first game by then aswell

Cheers for reading, feel free to comment and hopefully you'll catch part 2 :D


WarGamers £5 challenge

Right guys,
I decided to join in with the wargamers £5 challenge (#wg5challenge if you want to search it one Facebook and Twitter)

The basic idea of the challenge is that you can only spend £5 on a new or pre owned model aslong as you prove that it was £5, paint it up, then re-sell it at the end of the month, no prizes, just bragging rights for the winner

So with that in mind I started to scour eBay, and after 5 days of searching, I found these bad boys :D

Really happy I got these for a couple of reasons, they are really nice models, eldar are quite a popular army, I've got eldar myself so I know what I'm letting myself in for model wise, and that it wasn't just one model, so I can get a little diorama/display piece going on if I have time to

Hopefully they will be with me Tuesday/Wednesday so I'll be ready to work on them Thursday after I strip them
I have a couple of ideas, I was thinking paint them to match my eldar and what's really popular now, Iyanden, go for a ancient seer council look and paint them as ulthwe or my last option, was to go for myrmera which is the really popular forgeworld, lots of green and turboise for those of you that don't know about them

So hopefully this will all go to plan and I'll keep you up to date 
Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, let me know what your thinking