Friday, 25 April 2014

Cheeky update Iron Warriors/Renegade Guard

I went to visit a friend yesterday, and the cheeky bugger said that I could have these on one condition, that I painted them as iron warriors. 

So, my renegade guard now have there own air division/ air support
With my Renegades getting bigger, it means that they are the most likely choice for an allies for my warriors, in addition to some dark mechanicum maybe ;)

As an update for my Iron Warriors, I have now got 20 mk4/6  made, 15 mk3 made, 10 mk4 assualt marines half made (just waiting for my arms coming, 1st of May, when my HH collection books arrive ;)  ), a contemptor dread unmade (fresh swap) not sure what to do with him, thinking double assualt cannon and missile launcher.
And various hero choices and 3 speeders, 1 made 2 unmade

Now all I need to do is get it all primed hopefully in the next few days

Cheers guys

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