Thursday, 3 April 2014

Iron Warriors (Update 1)

I've got a colour scheme nailed :D
It's pretty simple and quick to paint, I've got a 5 man unit and a hero, (going to be my praetor) painted up, I'll get some proper photos soon.

And doing a trade with someone recently and making a new friend he managed to supply me with a lot of heresy armour
So on the table to make (I deconstructed them ;)  ) and paint are:
9 Iron armour marine
10 mk4 marine
5 mk5
5 resin Corvus
And 5 plastic Corvus

The army is going to be set just prior to the incident at istvaan 3 so they are going to have some more of the modern armour and equiptment 
Hopefully for my next update, I'll have them made, if not basecoated aswell

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  1. Glad to see you're liking the heresy marines, your marine looks damm nice. I've sent you a text about a few more suitable bits you may be interested in ;)